Offworld Industries was formed to build big stations and spaceports. Our plan is to develop a robust space construction company, the first artificial gravity space station, called VERA Station

These are important first steps to colonizing space and other worlds – VERA Station will connect people from all over the world so we can make this first step together.
Sargon Systems

Sargon Systems

A new kind of construction – a new way of thinking about building things will be required to build large stations fast. Sargon Systems and other space construction machines and tools will facilitate this expansion into our solar system.

Virgo Module

Virgo Module

Building Virgo Module will mark a new moment in history as we build modules far too large to fit into any rocket faring in operation or in development. Virgo will establish a new standard in zero-g stations like the ISS.

VERA Station

VERA Station

VERA Station will mark a new moment in history as we build stations that rotate. VERA Station will spin for Lunar Gravity allowing our guests to enjoy a level of comfort not possible in zero-g stations like The ISS.

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Offworld Industries Corporation’s grand vision for the future of humankind in space will be built by a team of passionate, dedicated employees and investors who are willing to devote their time and efforts to design large-scale space construction machines and big stations. These crucially important people are the bedrock upon which everything else will be built. To build VERA Station, we must first build a family of space construction machines here on Earth.

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